Tackle your cancer with creativity

Hi cancer warriors! Welcome to the front line of cancer healing - where creativity, science and technology merge to help you survive your cancer. Our award winning Dojo Thinking approach uses the art and science of Psychoneuroimmunology to enable your brain and body to work together as a team to boost your immune system and engender a more positive cancer outcome.

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Coming Soon! Tackle cancer on your phone

The Cancer Dojo App will empower cancer patients by enabling them with a positive purpose during a time of immense stress. It provides a simple, informed, user-friendly journey to reduce fear, inspire action and harness an increasing range of creative tools, tasks and techniques built to overcome helplessness and boost the human immune system. The app is informed by the science of Psychoneuroimmunolgy - which is how what you think, can affect how your body behaves.

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Cancer Dojo’s Conn Bertish to speak at Cannes Lions 2016

Founder of award-winning enterprise Cancer Dojo, Conn Bertish, an ex-delegate, winner and judge of the Cannes Lions International Creative Festival, has been invited to join the stage this year with the likes of Sir John Hegarty, Spike Jones and Oliver Stone to share his creative mindful approach to healing which aims to increase the global cancer survival rate.

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Kicking cancer with tech

"Cancer survivor Conn Bertish is revolutionising dealing with this disease, with the help of the latest technology and Vodacom."

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Cancer Dojo founder opens global oncology conference

"When Conn Bertish beat cancer in 2013, he began a process to launch a global cancer fighting platform – Cancer Dojo, which aims to empower people facing cancer with the tools and techniques shown to strengthen the human immune system and ultimately enable a more positive cancer outcome."

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Conn Bertish invited to speak at the IF Italians Festival

"Conn Bertish, an internationally awarded creative director, cancer survivor and founder of Cancer Dojo, has been invited to perform the opening talk at the IF Italians Festival of creativity, held in Milan, Italy from Thursday, 5 to Saturday, 7 November 2015."

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Former adman Conn Bertish makes cancer survival mobile

"But it's not the fact that Bertish went through the surgery with ease that makes his story stand out - it's how he 'prepped his brain' for the process that's got people taking note."

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This survivor is creating an app to assist in the fight against cancer

"Cancer survivor and international award-winning Creative Director, Conn Bertish, is in the process of creating Cancer Dojo a digital platform and mobile app that will provide tools and content to empower people affected by cancer and increase their survival rate."

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