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Hi cancer warriors and supporters! We build tools to help people facing cancer play a role in their own healing. We generate content, information products and techniques to shift people from being patients to being thoroughly engaged in their bout with cancer. This Dojo Thinking approach is a complementary way to augment all traditional and complimentary treatments, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and so many others. Our playful thinking is a powerful way to positively enhance your immune system and your entire cancer experience.
Booya Baby!
(We felt our welcome intro was feeling quite serious – so we added the Booya Baby! for a more punchy effect)
We do that quite a lot, and so should you. Welcome, we're glad to meet you.

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We aren't slouchers here at Cancer Dojo – we’re charging forth – have a look at some updates and media content about our journey.
Feel the energy and become a part of our fresh healing story.

Cancer Dojo founder opens global oncology conference

"When Conn Bertish beat cancer in 2013, he began a process to launch a global cancer fighting platform – Cancer Dojo, which aims to empower people facing cancer with the tools and techniques shown to strengthen the human immune system and ultimately enable a more positive cancer outcome."

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Conn Bertish invited to speak at the IF Italians Festival

"Conn Bertish, an internationally awarded creative director, cancer survivor and founder of Cancer Dojo, has been invited to perform the opening talk at the IF Italians Festival of creativity, held in Milan, Italy from Thursday, 5 to Saturday, 7 November 2015."

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Former adman Conn Bertish makes cancer survival mobile

"But it's not the fact that Bertish went through the surgery with ease that makes his story stand out - it's how he 'prepped his brain' for the process that's got people taking note."

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This survivor is creating an app to assist in the fight against cancer

"Cancer survivor and international award-winning Creative Director, Conn Bertish, is in the process of creating Cancer Dojo a digital platform and mobile app that will provide tools and content to empower people affected by cancer and increase their survival rate."

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